shivashis padhi

What am I up to?

This is a /now page, and is updated every month.

Last updated on 23rd November, 2020

In the past month, I've successfully deleted my Facebook account, deactivated Twitter. Trying to cut down the time I spend on social media. I released telegraphcl to exercise on my Golang learnings. I am yet to exercise on concurrency patterns, taking MIT 6.824 to work on some problems with Golang.

At work, I'm working on some container book-keeping tasks which is fun. Off work, I'm looking at tsdb, wish to contribute to some CNCF project starting next year.

Once my grandma gave me and my brother some Sweet Apple to eat, and I asked him to collect the seeds. I collected as well, I managed to get ~20 seeds, and planted them in the backyard. It took 20 odd days, and a miracle, but all 20 Sweet Apple seeds have germinated and are healthy. Ping me if you're nearby, I'd love to send you some plants in exchange of twice the number of seeds :)