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What am I up to?

This is a /now page, and is updated every month.

Last updated on 5th April, 2021

At work, I'm working towards system compliance lately, been getting some boring tasks but they're important and someone has to do it, it's what I get paid for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Off work, I'm looking at how simple vector geometric functions in GIS libraries work, like union, intersection etc. Also trying to dive deeper into geospatial indices like Quadtrees, hexagonal indices like H3. I'll try and blog about the same sometime soon.

This Sunday, I did something interesting. As a challenge for myself, I mapped part of a road on OSM, deliberately left a 5km stretch for me to physically walk/run through, and update it later. I cycled to the starting point, ran the 5km stretch up and down. Bam! My first 10k! The longest I ran was 6.1 kms before this. Yet to draw the patch on OSM though, will do that before the weekend. :) Coming back, there was a school bus and the kids waved at me, I chased them for fun for 500 meters, they were so happy!